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Funny Adrift Movie Review

Set in 1983, Adrift puts an original spin on the shipwrecked-loner genre. It’s the tale of what happens when Tami ends up spraying a blindfold, after a storm has battered but not broken the sailboat she’s on. But it’s also a love story that keeps cutting back to the blindfold that caused her to be…


The superlative word form is one that everyone uses regularly. If you’ve ever exaggerated about anything, you were using the superlative form of an adjective. “That was the biggest piece of broccoli I’ve ever seen!”. The superlative adjective has just been added to our Word Blanks Creator, so start using it in your word libs….

Halloween Word Blanks

Don’t forget to print out a few holloween word libs to play before you trick-or-treat tonight. Our thoughts go out to those in New Jersey and New York City tonight in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Random first names

Many stories on Word Blanks have a “blank” for first names. Just in case you don’t have any friends, or can’t really choose who your best friend is, you can now let Word Blanks choose a first name for you. This feature is available on the web, iPhone and Android apps.

Word Blanks Android app now available Google Play

Your favorite Word Blanks app is now available on Google Play for Android devices. The new Word Blanks for Android is really quite a bundle. Speak your story using your favorite voice Save your completed stories Store favorite stories to your device for offline play Share on Facebook Shake to randomize Look for Word Blanks…

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