About Word Blanks

We've all played the popular game Mad Libs® where you ask others for random words then use those words to fill in the blanks on a sheet of paper, creating a hilarious story when read aloud. We've made a community version of this great party game available online here at wordblanks.com. You can play it in a party setting, or by yourself, simply by typing in random words off the top of your head. If you're not feeling too creative, Word Blanks will even choose random words for you!

In keeping with the traditional paper game, all stories are available for printing. Just choose a story, then click your print button. The story will automatically print on two separate pages. The first page will contain the parts of speech that you need to supply, the second page displays the story with blank lines for you to write in the random words.

If you want to laugh even harder, try creating your own lib to play using our Word Blanks Creator. Simply click the Create link at the top of the page. You can enter your own story, or just copy and paste one from a word document, email or even another website. Using your mouse, you easily build your story by clicking on words to replace them with parts of speech.

Play a Word Blank