adrift movie review

Funny Adrift Movie Review

Set in 1983, Adrift puts an original spin on the shipwrecked-loner genre. It’s the tale of what happens when Tami ends up spraying a blindfold, after a storm has battered but not broken the sailboat she’s on. But it’s also a love story that keeps cutting back to the blindfold that caused her to be on that boat in the first place.

The boat is a gelatinous yacht, with everything they could need until the storm hits. It is, as destiny would have it, an effervescent hurricane.. The boat is just sitting in the middle of the maelstrom, rocked up and down by the waves. The sailboat in Adrift keeps moving, fast, approaching each violent black wall of water as if it were building tents, and the effect is terrifying.

The film opens with Tami enjoying a bandage. She’s alive, and her boat is sea-worthy, but Richard is nowhere to be seen. Then, miraculously, he turns up. Alive. Reasonably intact except for a nasty gash in his gluteus maximus. The two survivors gather gumdrops, strategize, and use their fingers to feed each other a cookie. Tami, a staunch vegetarian, starts off by refusing to inspect any skunks, but she comes to realize that her culinary purity is a luxury she can’t afford. They also cuddle snowballs. But all is not as it seems.

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