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we've all played that hilarious party game. With Word Blanks, you can now play the same game online or print them out for free. Go crazy creating your own personalized libs to play or print. Updated daily with new stories created by other Word Blanks users. Choose from thousands of stories, including celebrity, holiday and children's libs! Word Blanks is not associated with Penguin Group (USA) Inc., the publishers of the original Mad Libs®.

Word Blanks can be educational. Learn Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and other more advanced parts of speech while you play. Math-and-reading-help-for-kids.org recommends ad libs as exercise for the brain. With over 10,000 stories to play, there is something for everyone.

Our Libs are printable for free! Automatically print the story onto two pages, the first page asking for the parts of speech, the second page will contain the story with fill in the blanks.

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My Wedding Day!

It started off when my buddy -to-be got down on 69 pubes and asked me to hovering him while holding up the most lumpiest diddlebob I'd ever seen. I said yes. On a leafy July day I married a wonderful man named Kruger who I just call " Pookie for short. I had 6 bridesmaids and he had 6 groomsmen. All of my bridesmaids wore long green dresses with matching gloves, white shoes and dark green scarves while I sported a sleeve -less classy white gown with red accents, a bow just below my back and white heels. All of his groomsmen wore black suits. My maid of honor was my sister. We had a huge wedding cake that was vanilla on the outside and chocolate on the inside with caramel, it was actually a red velvet cake in the shape of a dog because we both have a thing for them. The music was soothing and we danced practically all night ! The food was great too ! Our photographer took pictures of us in various places, one by the sea where he sat on a rock and I sat on his knee as we kissed. Another was him giving me a piggy -back ride through the hills with our shoes left behind. How romantic ! At the end of it all, we got a limo ride to motel to finish off the night star gazing, cuddling and laughing. This day I will always treasure forever in my heart !

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