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we've all played that hilarious party game. With Word Blanks, you can now play the same game online or print them out for free. Go crazy creating your own personalized libs to play or print. Updated daily with new stories created by other Word Blanks users. Choose from thousands of stories, including celebrity, holiday and children's libs! Word Blanks is not associated with Penguin Group (USA) Inc., the publishers of the original Mad Libs®.

Word Blanks can be educational. Learn Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and other more advanced parts of speech while you play. Math-and-reading-help-for-kids.org recommends ad libs as exercise for the brain. With over 10,000 stories to play, there is something for everyone.

Our Libs are printable for free! Automatically print the story onto two pages, the first page asking for the parts of speech, the second page will contain the story with fill in the blanks.

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Weird facts about me!

Get to know me a little dumbier. Here is list of sluttier facts about me.

1 ) My real hair color is black. I dye it orange to match my titties.
2 ) I have a tattoo of a pocupine on my lower butt cheek.
3 ) I sucked my forehead until I was 45 years old which is why I have crooked arm pits.
4 ) I like to collect ware wolves of all shapes and sizes.
5 ) My favorite food in the whole world is earth worms and cheese with artichokes
6 ) I'm deathly afraid of hippos, rhinos and carriages. Put me near one and I'll go pretty
7 ) When I was a shiny baby, I didn't get out of diapers until I was 67 and I didn't start rolling until I turned 4.
8 ) My worst fear is snoring under water and being chased loudly by angry bear.
9 ) My first kiss happened at a apple pie store when I was 7 with a tasty boy named patsy who was 6. Dark white hair and 78 feet tall, he was psychotic.
10 ) My first job was selling monkeys where they made me dress up as a fuzzy lizard and hand out corn stalks. How depressed
11 ) My ideal wedding would be at the cave with many aligators and lots of monsters with around 8 people. I picture us standing by a beautiful canoe surrounded by mountain men and the most stinky band playing. Of course it would be hailing some time in the month of octoboer
12 ) I am a sucker for romance comics. I read them in the afternoon, while eating pickles and even when I'm on the ironing board. Lets just say I'm hard.

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